With constantly changing regulations and increasing requirements for reimbursements, it’s easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed with traditional chiropractic electronic health records (EHR) software. Our chiropractic EHR solutions allow you to create complete, HIPAA-compliant documentation quickly and easily, so you can spend more time on what matters most in your practice–your patients.

ChiroWebMD chiropractic EHR software comes pre-loaded with BulletTouch macros to make stressful and time consuming records requests a thing of the past. Our EHR chiropractic software prompts you through templates that are compliant with Evaluation & Management guidelines, as well as key aspects required by 3rd party payers, including treatment effectiveness and evidence based care for medical necessity.
Make the process from patient check-in to patient check-out a paperless one and save time by eliminating duplicate data entry with our chiropractic EHR systems. Once patients have completed intake forms on an iPad or computer, data syncs and populates into both our EHR software AND your SOAP note! Even daily visit subjectives can be input by the patient quickly at the check-in kiosk and instantly ready for you to review as you open their chart on your mobile devices or computer.

ChiroWebMD chiropractic EHR software comes pre-loaded with macros for different case types and techniques – cash, insurance, medicare, PI, work comp, medical, physical therapy, acupuncture, activator, atlas orthogonal, gonstead, applied kinesiology, and more. Easily customize your own macros, add new buttons on the fly, or simply modify language as needed. Share your customized macros with other ChiroWebMD users or download macros that have already been shared by other users from our macro library.

See your notes & codes all on one screen. View images, x-rays, listings, reminders, your treatment plan, & more. Identify trends in patient compliance at a glance with color-coded appointment history tracking. Automate alerts related to specific visit numbers and cycles – never miss a re-exam!
Provide paperless outcome assessments to patients that they can complete anytime from an iPad or computer. The software then charts, scores, and calculates the percent change, then populates results into your notes automatically.

Dr.Drew Hall

Dr.Drew Hall

Blair Chiropractic Society board member

"For the past two years I have been working with expert web developer and IT specialist Igor Constantin to develop a custom tailored EHR solution specific to the needs of the upper cervical chiropractor. Initially the project started as a result of listening to two mantras I heard repeated often by uc doctors."

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