Chiropractic billing software can dramatically improve the productivity and revenue of your practice.

Easily generate and submit medical claims, collect patient payments, generate billing statements, and track the financial health of your office.
Submit electronic claims to Major Medical Payers and receive insurance payments directly from within the software’s interface.

ChiroWebMD come with CPT & ICD Codes pre-installed
ChiroWebMD is a cloud-based chiropractic billing software 
ChiroWebMD billing systems is more cost efficient over server-based software programs

Dr.Drew Hall

Dr.Drew Hall

Blair Chiropractic Society board member

"For the past two years I have been working with expert web developer and IT specialist Igor Constantin to develop a custom tailored EHR solution specific to the needs of the upper cervical chiropractor. Initially the project started as a result of listening to two mantras I heard repeated often by uc doctors."

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