ChirpWebMD not only has all of the PBX features, such as 3 or 4 digits dialing, call forwarding/transfer, voice mails, ring groups, ACD queues, IVR, conferencing, and so on, but also offers unique features that other phone systems do not have. These features include multi-tenancy (for branch offices or departments), intuitive real-time IVR configuration menu, call routing rule wizards, data-driven or time-based call routing, and a reliable call recording/playback/archive engine.

In addition, ChiroWebMD phone system can easily interconnect with tier one carriers to access global DID phone numbers and international routes at one price. ChiroWebMD phone system has build-in user-friendly web-based management portals. Your system operators and extension users are able to manage or customize the system for your company own needs.

ChiroWebMD phone system can be used for business automation and mobility, improvement on business image, increase of productivity, and cut-down communication/maintenance spending. You are in full control of your own phone system!

Dr.Drew Hall

Dr.Drew Hall

Blair Chiropractic Society board member

"For the past two years I have been working with expert web developer and IT specialist Igor Constantin to develop a custom tailored EHR solution specific to the needs of the upper cervical chiropractor. Initially the project started as a result of listening to two mantras I heard repeated often by uc doctors."

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